The Shadow

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But the film works even better because Locke is its most important element. While the murders may be what drives him, his arc is what keeps the film moving, engaging, and operating on another level of emotion. Holbrook exhibits a strong grasp on the character in all his different facets and gives one of his best performances to date.

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We see changes in how he interacts with his daughter played by multiple actresses over the film , his brother in law played by Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall and, yes, the killer, who obviously becomes more transparent as the film builds to its satisfying, excellent climax. It also helps that, despite having a strong sci-fi throughline, almost everything about the film feels tangible and believable.

And this guy is over here talking about time travel? In the Shadow of the Moon is an excellent blend of sci-fi, drama, and action. Fans of police procedurals will find twists and turns that would make Law and Order proud, while sci-fi nuts will have a ball breaking down the timeline.

The A. Germain Lussier. Share This Story. More in Fantastic Fest About the author Germain Lussier.

The Shadow

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Some elements of the shadow can indeed be potentially harmful and do not need to be acted out. Uncontrolled anger, impulsive sexuality, lying, and stealing are shadow potentials that are best kept in the shadow and the socialization process sees that they are.

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The shadow contains not only the positive of potential life choices "not made" but the negative potential of unbridled acting out. Most often the shadow comes to be seen as entirely negative and its recognition is resisted. If a person strongly denies the shadow then he may be overly focused on the persona. He may only know himself as persona and this is all that is shown to society. The shadow, however, does hold significant positive features for the personality. Eventually these positive features need integration if the individuation process is to proceed.

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Robert Johnson says that there is "gold" in the shadow. This gold needs to be mined and brought to the surface. Murray Stein observes that the shadow represents the repressed in our life.

At midlife, he says the shadow or repressed, " Life still clings strongly to them. And actually the seeds of the future lie in these neglected figures, which now return and call for restoration and attention. Robert Johnson observes that people resist the more noble aspects of their shadow more strenuously than the dark sides.

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He says that, "The gold is related to our higher calling and this can be hard to accept at certain stages of life. The shadow consists of those aspects of your character that belong to you but that have not been given any conscious place in your life.

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